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It depends on the Mix


Those who want to create their media plan strategically and conceptionally in a sensible way seek consultation from experts. So far, so good. However it takes more than just experts’ knowledge in order to plan the perfect media mix. And this is where we come into play with our long-standing experience in all media types and their ever-increasing variety. It is no longer enough to just set the cornerstones because it depends on the right mix. And this is different for each customer. And what should also not be missing is a little gut feeling. After all, we advertise for people.


As the owners of this agency Beate Kahl and Melanie Hein are your personal contacts. Both are experts with long-standing experience and the before mentioned gut feeling which is also reflected in their choice of employees and agency partners.


For everything which is not in our immediate field of activity of course we have partners. And we have selected them so carefully that we can – with a clear conscience - entrust them with tasks which we do not fulfill ourselves. This is for example Social Media, SEM, text, creation and adaption. But on request the projects can also be coordinated by us.

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